Staff Training and Education

February 13, 2019

Protégé is an independent bartending program for up-and-coming drink slingers, with guidance and mentoring from seasoned pros. We joined them for a season of fun bringing beer into the conversation and showcasing everything brewtifull about our industry.

Beerworks offers staff training to bars and businesses that are passionate about beer. Education is key to understanding and appreciating the complexities of beer, and it’s great to see Beerworks taking an active role in this.

From pouring and serving to tasting and sensory training, it sounds like Beerworks offers a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of beer. This is sure to be valuable not just for staff in the industry, but also for the public who may be interested in learning more about beer.

If you are a bar or business owner who is interested in improving your staff’s knowledge and skills when it comes to beer, I would definitely recommend speaking to uss about their training program. We can help ensure that your staff is able to provide the best possible service and experience to your customers.